One foot out the door

One foot in my heart. 

You have no idea what you do to me, 

And you will never know. 


Day 3

Understand me when I say this, if you whistle at me like I’m a dog when I’m at work, I will not answer to you or come over and help you. That’s so disrespectful and not to mention rude. That being said, work was okay tonight and I’m emotionally stable. I just wish that I could belong somewhere and not feel completely weird when I’m surrounded by people. Anxiety attacks become me. I can fake nice pretty well. 
Bye bye. 

Giant Wave of Emotions

Lately I have been so consumed with self doubt, anxiety and crying at anything and everything. Honestly my emotions are eating me up and I am almost always never happy. What are some things you guys do that really helps you break through?