Giant Wave of Emotions

Lately I have been so consumed with self doubt, anxiety and crying at anything and everything. Honestly my emotions are eating me up and I am almost always never happy. What are some things you guys do that really helps you break through? 



‘Fat’ And ‘Curvy’ Are Not The Same

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In the last few years, it has become the so-called “polite” thing to call a fat person “curvy” so as to appear less harsh/make them feel sexier and more desired/appear to be accepting of anything other than a size 0.

And while politeness, skirting the issue, and trying to find a way to accept such a body shape is no bad thing, we need to stop lumping (excuse the pun) these people together with actual curvy girls. This is not a fat-shaming exercise; it’s simply an observation about the way we view body image. Curves imply arcs, parts of the body that wave in and out—not rolls of excess fat and skin, sagging over the bones it’s meant to be covering.

It’s bad enough that we have to contend with the fact that plus-size models are actually still below the average dress size of women in the…

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