I fell in love with you 
All too suddenly. 

Not planned.

But thank God for the days I got to know you. Your smile and the sparkle in your eyes.

Many more days will pass and I will love you. 

Just the same. 


Falls Burnt Colours

The leaves are changing

Much like your attitude

You compose yourself with thoughts of autumn.

Don’t forget, it comes and goes,

Much like you.


Day 4

There wasn’t one, because Strep. 😭


Day 3

Understand me when I say this, if you whistle at me like I’m a dog when I’m at work, I will not answer to you or come over and help you. That’s so disrespectful and not to mention rude. That being said, work was okay tonight and I’m emotionally stable. I just wish that I could belong somewhere and not feel completely weird when I’m surrounded by people. Anxiety attacks become me. I can fake nice pretty well. 
Bye bye. 


Dear Future Self

Don’t be so uptight all the time. Or a bitch. 


2 Feet Tall

I’m feeling really small in myself. 

I feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest. Not being able to move nor breathe. 

Feeling like I’m drowning with the waves crashing all around me and I sink even further in the darkness we call life.  


What is life? 

Anxiety. Depression. Breakthrough. 

I met you. You changed my life, my constant battles get a little brighter. You tune to me and I tune to you. 

What else is left?

Written by me. Kendra Harlee.