Dear Future Self

Don’t be so uptight all the time. Or a bitch. 


2 Feet Tall

I’m feeling really small in myself. 

I feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest. Not being able to move nor breathe. 

Feeling like I’m drowning with the waves crashing all around me and I sink even further in the darkness we call life.  


What is life? 

Anxiety. Depression. Breakthrough. 

I met you. You changed my life, my constant battles get a little brighter. You tune to me and I tune to you. 

What else is left?

Written by me. Kendra Harlee. 

Giant Wave of Emotions

Lately I have been so consumed with self doubt, anxiety and crying at anything and everything. Honestly my emotions are eating me up and I am almost always never happy. What are some things you guys do that really helps you break through?